The classroom at secondary level (grade 6 to 10). The main task of the programme is to develop interactive multimedia educational digital contents based on the national curriculum and focusing on the local context. These are to improve the teaching quality and improve the learning of the students while making the classes more interesting and exciting for them.

Objectives of CAL are:

  • to ensure conceptual clarity and better application based on the national curriculum and local context
  • to move the classroom from teacher centered to a more interactive and engaging one for creating a joyful learning environment
  • to enable teachers to use technology as an effective tool for educating students
  • to create self-learning provision for both teachers and students
  • to prepare the students to enter and successfully cope with the ever-expanding high-tech global environment

BRAC’s localized CAL contents give the impression of novelty blended with liveliness and present ideas in complete form that help learners to comprehend easily. The localized contents with lively and attractive animations are applied to make concepts and ideas visible and perceptible which otherwise would have been difficult to comprehend.