Most of the schools have much in common, in terms of learning objectives, each school is different in terms of it’s own unique blend of requirements, priorities and challenges. When considering new technologies such as introducing tablets, BRAC considered school learning priorities and learning outcomes rather than just the technology aspects. As part of school self-evaluation process, BRAC planned to identify overall school learning priorities and outcomes. Considering how ICT could help attaining BRAC Education Programme outcomes, tablets can act as one of the key factors to achieve long term objectives and goals

The objectives of TAB Based learning using CAL materials are, but not limited to

  • To improve the quality of “Learning & Innovation” (3R with 4C’s) of the students while making the classes more interesting and exciting for them
  • To improve the teaching quality of the teachers by providing them CAL material that is developed based on the National Curriculum and Local Context.
  • Ensuring Learn with Fun ideology
  • Use of CAL material which is interactive, intuitive, full of games & videos will help the students in their self learning, help them visualise things rather than memorizing.
  • Use of quality material like CAL will increase the interactivity between teachers and students
  • Teachers will gain more control over their classroom & contents as they will be moving around with their handheld devices
  • Reduce book printing cost and environment friendly


Workshop provided to Teachers and BRAC Stuff

2 Day long Orientation and Hands-on Workshop was provided to BRAC Shishu Niketon Teachers and field staffs on basic use of TAB, CAL Materials and other software. This workshop took place at Uttara BLC


Regular Follow up

A regular follow up practice is maintained since its starting. BRAC’s field staffs – Area Manager, Branch Manager continuously follows up the schools. A PO regularly goes to the schools to look after. An IT PO is also assigned for instant technical support. Moreover HO staffs try visits the schools by monthly or at least twice in a month